Why Limit Concurrent User Logins in Active Directory?

• Enhanced Security: Limiting concurrent logins reduces the risk of account compromise. If a user account is accessed from multiple locations simultaneously, it may indicate unauthorized access.
• Resource Management: It ensures that network resources are not overwhelmed by excessive logins from a single user.
• Compliance: Many organizations must comply with regulations that require strict access controls, including limiting concurrent logins.

Active Directory does not have a native way to limit concurrent user logins from different workstations.

Introducing LoginLimit

LoginLimit is a powerful tool designed to help administrators manage and limit concurrent user logins in Active Directory. It simplifies the process, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for enhancing network security. LoginLimit is a corporate solution implemented with .Net. It is easy to deploy and manage and has affordable prices.

Why LoginLimit?

Easy to use

Configure within minutes, start using immediately
with easy to use management console.

Support & Maintenance

Unlike script based solutions, you receive Professional Support at every step.

Compliant with Regulations

Compliant with NIST 800-53, SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CJIS, GDPR.
Trusted by highly regulated organizations.

Best Price

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Fits to any Company

Good for organizations of any size: Financial institutions, banks, schools, universities, enterprises, SMBs.


Session Management

Control interactive and remote desktop sessions of Active Directory users. Define access policies based on access time, access location, maximum number of allowed simultaneous logins.


We provide msi package which supports Windows 10 and 11 for deployment of agents. You can manually install the package on Windows workstations or utilize Group Policy ( GPO ) or SCCM for mass deployment purposes

Reporting & Control

Get reports of concurrent login attempts. Control live sessions, list empty workstations. Run detailed analysis and decide when and on which workstations to prevent multiple logins in Active Directory.

AD Integrated

Define policies and limit concurrent user logins based on Active Directory group or organizational unit. LoginLimit does not change AD Schema, does not require domain admin privileges.


Restrict simultaneous logins of a user from different workstations, prevent credentials sharing. Utilize two factor authentication (2fa) for additional level of security. Manage user logins with flexible user access policies.


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